I recruited Andy into Hitachi after meeting him at various conferences and being impressed by his knowledge, attitude, and personal network. Andy was a fantastic addition to the team and pushed the company’s learning technology strategy forward. He ‘thinks big thoughts’, but also rolls his sleeves up and makes sure the details get taken care of. Andy was a great ambassador for the learning team into IT, and developed a great working relationship with them – knowing when to push and when to step back. I’d hire Andy again if I had the opportunity, and would strongly recommend him to anyone who needs help with developing, implementing, and maintaining their learning technology strategy.

Nick Howe, Chief Learning Officer at Area9 Lyceum and former VP Global Learning at Hitachi Vantara. LinkedIn recommendation.

I have known Andy for many years and observed his work across many roles.The one thing that stands out for me is his ability to harness the power of learning technology for real business advantage. He has a rare and powerful combination of digital, business and learning skills and expertise and operates easily at the strategic and tactical level , something that many aspire to today but few achieve.

Laura Overton, Industry Thought Leader. LinkedIn recommendation.

Andy is one of the few people that really understands what goes on under the hood of learning technologies and how to fine tune them for different contexts and audiences. His experiences across a range of systems, solutions, roles and industries is second to none – all of which makes him a highly valued member of the Fosway Corporate Research Network. Any organisation looking to improve their digital offering – particularly at a time when the world is being forced to become more virtual – would be lucky to have him.

Kate Graham, Head of Content at Fosway Group, LinkedIn recommendation.

Andy is one of those rare people who understands the real ins and outs of Learning Technology platforms and also how these can be applied to support business objectives. I have worked with and consulted Andy on many occasions as I value his perspective. It can be hard to find business consultants who are also able to do a deep dive into the technical side of learning platforms to understand what is feasible, what the platforms can and cannot do, and how they can be configured to supported wider business needs. He understands the value of data, how to gather it, secure it and analyse it to provide insightful reports. In addition to his technical and business skills Andy is also a good person to work with. Always calm, clear headed and supportive. He is also passionate about how learning technology can improve performance and as a consequence reads widely and is very knowledgeable. He constantly comes up with creative ideas based on a solid understanding of what is possible.

Steve Rayson, Co-founder of Anders Pink, Former CEO and Founder of Kineo, Industry thought leader. LinkedIn recommendation.

“In my 20+ years of running the Learning Technologies Conference, I have frequently turned to Andy for advice on what the real issues that need addressing for people implementing learning technologies. The reason? Andy has extensive practitioner experience of selecting, implementing and managing learning technologies. He has what matters: a real range of good, solid, practical experience combined with the ability to see things strategically. Andy always starts with the business need, and then looks to new tech to meet it and improve the user experience. He is also ahead of the curve in terms of thinking around how learning data fits with wider organisational data to get better insights and what technologies you need to do that. He has been for many years a valued chair and speaker at the various conferences which I have run, as well as a judge a the Learning Technologies awards and I have long valued his insight into our field.”

Donald H Taylor, Chairman, The Learning & Performance Institute & Learning Technologies Conferences & Industry thought leader. LinkedIn recommendation.

“Andy Wooler is a unique blend of vision and technical know-how. Many people have a vision but no understanding of how to implement it. Still others have deep knowledge in a particular technology, but no ability to think creatively to achieve new outcomes. Andy possesses both skill sets and he is therefore able to see the big picture while simultaneously building technical solutions that enhance learning. I enjoy working with Andy and I value what he brings to the team with his depth of experience and his ability to consider what might be possible. “

John Durkin, Most recent Manager, LinkedIn recommendation

“I worked with Andy in a team that was focused on innovation in Learning – he is one of those rare L&D folks who has both an excellent understanding of Learning but also of the technology that can be used to be innovative. We worked together in areas such as an LRS and xAPI testing along with integration of our virtual lab technology into the LMS. He is an inspiring leader and I would have no hesitation in recommending him for a Leadership role in a global Learning Technology team. “

Cary Wagner, Director, Global Engineering Cloud & Automation Services at Hitachi Vantara, LinkedIn recommendation