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Sick but still learning!

I’ve been off for 2 days with a bug – but that hasn’t stopped me learning!
I am a great fan of many “Web 2.0” tools and in particular, Twitter. So, when Neil Lasher posted a link to the DevLearn 09 “Twitter Book”, it showed yet another way in which Twitter can be used as a learning and knowledge sharing tool.

Check it out for yourself here: – the concept of compiling the combined tweet traffic for a major conference is genius and whilst I guess you needed to be there to understand the context of some of them, there will no doubt be many gems awaiting your discovery.

The second item to come my way was the regular email from the Rapid eLearning Blog – this time on the effective use of Powerpoint. I have been saying for many years that Powerpoint CAN be an effective tool in our eLearning toolbox if only it was used beyond the templated, bullet point approach of the stand-up presentation. I won’t reproduce the whole article – see it for yourself here:  The Rapid eLearning Blog.

Finally, today’s recommended read:  Jim Collins “Good to Great

Welcome to my new blog!

Welcome to my new blog!

Thanks to my esteemed colleague, Nick Trish, I had the opportunity on Saturday night to play with “Straight No Chaser” – what a great band with a pad that’s got some great charts. Some pics from the gig have been posted on flickr:

Nice to also work again with Simon Cambers – haven’t gigged with him in a few years and also spoke with Harry Bryant who I last played with in the Dave Masters band. 
A lot of talent in this band and they had the dancers on the floor all night.

Next up? A full weekend starting with The Tony Strudwick Orchestra on Saturday 12th.
I used to play lead for Tony in the late 80’s / early 90’s and it was nice to return to the band recently for a most enjoyable tour in Cyprus.
Friday is the turn of Uckfield Concert Brass – carols in Uckfield High Street on Friday 11th.
Then on Sunday 13th, The Sussex Symphony Orchestra at the Olympos, Burgess Hill.

[cincopa 10525444]  Photos from the Cyprus tour 2009