Saba People 2010 Trip Report – Part 3

Thursday 4th November

They may well have saved the best til last – today’s keynote speaker was Jason Averbrook from Knoweldge Infusion. There was so much good stuff in this keynote that I didn’t get to make enough notes so thankfully, will be able to watch this on “catch up” in the Saba Customer Community.

One item that interested me was the Social Technographics Ladder from Forrester: (where do YOU fit on this?)


Forrester Social Technographics



Some key Soundbites from this session:

  • Be Brave!
  • HR must own the HR System Strategy
  • Think “Workforce Technology” and not “HR Technology”
  • If your organisation blocks Facebook or Twitter, they are blocking Collaboration
  • There are more social networking accounts than there are email accounts!
  • The future of HR technology products is a perpetual beta


He also used a great interactive tool within his slide deck to take instant feedback via sms text messages. Neat!

Well worth following on twitter – @jasonaverbrook


Final session of the day for me was Jim Lundy’s wrap up. Once again, loads of useful content in his session – the wisdom of the crowd, “Crowdsourcing“, spotting the high potential people through social network analysis, idea generation.

To summarise where I think Saba are today, their own promotional video does a pretty good job:

This was a highly energising event – thanks to the organisers for the invite to present.


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