Making sense of your data

If you are attending my session at the eLearning Network London on 4th April or the Saba @Work 2014 Summit in Orlando on 9th April, I have some homework for you!

Whilst my sessions are not specifically about Big Data, I would like everyone to think about data as being more than just the data you have in your LMS and to consider other sources of information that could be useful in the learning space.


Both conference sessions do have round-table discussions where we will be exploring what other data might be useful – here’s a few examples:

  • Is there useful data in your community tools?
  • What business data might also be useful? e.g. CRM data?
  • What can you learn about the habits of your top performers? Do they read and watch the same things?
The eLearning event has some great speakers including Ben Betts & Dave Tosh from the open source Learning Locker initiative which I am following with great interest especially since my old boss,Sven Laux, joined the project as a Board member. Sven brings a wealth of open source experience to this project.
For those of you heading for Orlando, Mike Rustici from the Tin Can project will be speaking on 9th April so you will have an opportunity to get the latest scoop on xAPI and some sunshine!
Hope to see you at one of these 2 events!

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