Learning Technologies 2010

Another great event from Don Taylor and the team – there are plenty of other blog reviews about this event, I will restrict mine to a few key things I heard.

From Lord Puttnam’s keynote:

  • ‘good teachers should be able to walk into your head and turn on the lights’
  • I wonder just how many trainers in our work life are considered in that way!

  • The difference between Hughie Green (Opportunity Knocks) and Simon Cowell’s success is audience participation.
  • Mark Oehlert – Defense Acquisition University on Social Media

    For me, the best session of the whole conference and worth the fee alone!

    • “The illterati of the 21st Century will not be those who cannot read and write but those cannot learn, un-learn and re-learn.”
    • “Incremental change is ok until you hit the big **** wall!”
    • It’s not “I think therefore I am”, it should “We think therefore We are”
    • People don’t hate change, they hate how YOU are trying to change them!” – we all voluntarily undergo major changes in our lives – jobs, marriage, kids so clearly it’s not change itself that we hate.
    • Put yourself in the shoes of your learner – our metric isn’t always the same as theirs”
    • L&D Produces products, Knowledge Management produces activities
    • “The US Airforce will give a pilot a £30m aircraft full of deadly tools – so why not trust them with Facebook at work?” (They do btw)- If you have email and telephones, you already have a trust problem!

    The Defence Acquisition University make a lot of their content public via iTunes! Search for DAU in iTunesU. (I found some content on Six Sigma for example)

    • Would you like less email?

    Wiki’s aren’t just about an online encyclopaedia! – I often use this video from CommonCraft to show the use of Wiki’s as a project tool.

    If you are a twitter user, follow Mark and a lof of like minded people by searching for LRNCHAT – takes place weekly but you can view any time of course.  I diod this after the event and boy, is there a lot of useful content tucked into these chats!

    To make this all happen: THINK BIG, START SMALL, MOVE FAST

    I have always been a great advocate of the use of knowledge management thinking in the learning world and the use of Social Networking tools is making this a reality.

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