Great uses of Learning on Video.

I am occasionally knocked out by the effectiveness of some of the video I see that is freely available on YouTube – especially that many people are making these available at no cost too!

This brief post was inspired by something I was sent by a fellow trumpet play on Facebook today which featured the highly talented trumpet player, Dominck Farinacci who has created a series of tutorials on a variety of brass techniques using the music of Clifford Brown.

This example is about “Ghost Tongueing” – his explanation is superb and something I will be personally working on !

Clifford-isms (Part 2/3): Ghost TonguingPart 4/8 of the #CliffordBrown Educational Series. This post deals with Ghost Tonguing, one of the most defining characteristics of Clifford’s playing. (Select HD for best viewing).

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I know I had said this series would only be for October, but each video ended up getting more in depth than I initially anticipated, and I’ve gotten so many great questions from you about specific aspects of his playing, so I’m dedicating a little more time to tailoring them around the requests. Thank you all for your comments and interaction throughout this series!
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Posted by Dominick Farinacci on Saturday, 7 November 2015

(A by product of this post is that I also had to learn how to embed a Facebook video into WordPress!).

Here’s Dominick in action – I love the fact he is taking time on the tour bus to do this and is counted in by the driver!


My second example is the awesome Astrid – Astrid is a teacher and creates highly engaging videos on a variety of topics and as it is Christmas time, here she is explaining where German words end!


Next, a short but effective video from Don Taylor on how to run a great webinar. (check out his ebook on this too!).


Don also runs an annual survey on “what’s hot” in Learning and Development – the current survey results have Video well towards the bottom of the list – but I think this is a reflection of the fact that Video has already become a standard tool of choice.

Finally, the work of Outtakes continues to impress – they have taken the art of interactive video to a new level with their DAz technology. This enables video to having moving “hotspots” which take the viewer to additional content and is also now trackable using SCORM or TinCan xApi.


Video isn’t hot, it’s just business as usual now!

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