Merry Christmas from “Bring on the Trumpet!”

At this time of year, retailers are trying their hardest to get some decent sales figures in – especially in the current financial climate. But one organisation in particular seems to have got it right with what appears to be very little effort and a lot of outsource arrangements:

  • They have a CEO who you never see but there are lots of people who aspire to be him
  • These “wannabes” pay for their own work clothing and transportation costs
  • They buy the inventory themselves at no cost to the organisation
  • They act as a fulfilment centre for incoming requests from the end user and distribute once again at no cost to the organisation.
  • They have no premises yet the Royal Mail and USPS manage to get post to them without any problem
  • What little work they do themselves is restricted to a few weeks only each year and they take extended vacations
  • No matter how disappointed you are with the product you receive, you never complain directly to them
  • They manage to do all of this with no apparent IT infrastructure

Is this your company that is being described here? Not unless you work for Santa Claus Inc!

A very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all!

Click here to “Bring on the trumpet!” or for a real trumpet legend, the brilliant Wayne Bergeron with the Tom Kubis Big Band


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